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Major Update to the Facebook Pixel - Here's What You Need to Know

By David Berry: If you're a Facebook advertiser, you may - or may not - have noticed the largest sweeping updates to the Facebook Pixel since it was first launched.

Our team came across the update on accident this morning (and it seems that if advertisers have noticed it yet, they've come across it in the same way). Take a look at the below screenshot.

Via PixelYourSite.com

Via PixelYourSite.com

Anything look different to you? If you've never seen a 'SubscribedButtonClick' or 'Microdata' pixel fire before, you're not alone. In fact, if you saw this, one of your first instincts may have been to think you were hacked, or that you've somehow gone months or years without noticing a Facebook Pixel installation gone wrong.

The truth is much less fear-inducing. In fact, Facebook has apparently been hearing from advertisers for a while that it should be easier to use the pixel and see what it's tracking. Here's what they said in an official message:

As a result of this feedback, we’re introducing enhancements to the Facebook pixel to help us improve ads delivery and to automate the pixel set up process. These updates will start rolling out next month starting May 20th, enabling the pixel to send additional information that will help Facebook improve the delivery, measurement, and targeting of clients’ advertising efforts.

The additional data sent through pixel will include button click activity on clients websites, like “add to cart” or “purchase” clicks, and will also include information from clients website page’s metadata to better understand context associated with these actions.
— Facebook

It turns out, there are several new events that Facebook is - or will be - tracking.

Microdata Event: Via PixelYourSite - It will gather all the Open Graph microdata available on your page and, according to Facebook, it will be used to understand the context associated with actions on your site.

The SubscribedButtonClick Event: Also via PixelYourSite: It will fire on every click a user performs on your site, sending the button text as a parameter (buttonText), together with some other potential data (buttonFeatures parameter), like id, tag, value. There’s also a formFeatures adding additional info.

The upside to these developments will take some time to unfold, but at first glance, two benefits come to mind:

1. Less-skilled Facebook marketers might not need to know how to install any standard events via the pixel for much longer. And that would make it a lot easier to strengthen the quality of their advertising efforts.

2. More custom audience capabilities. The more events that Facebook makes available, the more advertisers will be able to use custom audiences to target them with varied messaging, or build lookalike audiences of them, as well.

- DB