The Campy Inspiration Movement is Crap

By David Berry: The business world and the personal world intersect more often these days than in generations past, largely due to the advent of social media. The tools are right there to use, usually on our phones. Fleeting thought about politics? Tweet it. Nice sunset on your walk home? Snapchat it.

Inspirational quote about success, proving your "haters" wrong, or living a luxurious lifestyle or whatever? Facebook it. Instagram it. LinkedIn it.

It's easy to see why these types of posts have taken off in popularity. The social media world is rife with realities that have been filtered, polished and reduced into images or sayings that project an image that isn't real. But it doesn't matter. Because it has been deemed desirable. 

Hundreds of thousands of people, or millions in some instances, post and share these campy, half-empty inspirational quotes over a celebrity's face or the backdrop of a luxury home or car.

Sure, you could glean some insight from a handful of them. Or, you could skip them all, read this short list, and move on with your life.

  1. Real successful people don't post about being successful. Gary Vaynerchuk is the only person I know of who does this stuff because he's passionate about it. He could give a damn if you like him or are "inspired" by him.

  2. Success is almost always about doing something well, efficiently, over and over again. Sure, innovation plays a major part for the mega-successful (Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc.). But those making 7-figures and up in their day jobs have managed to do something probably quite simple, but quite well. (Spoiler Alert: They're usually their own bosses too).

  3. The truly successful don't care about haters, who wasted their time, or what other people think. Those who do well for themselves know that the opinions of others are useless at best, a distraction at worst. Successful people don't care about you - they care about being successful.

Now get out there and be successful.