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DB + Partners Subscription Service

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DB + Partners Subscription Service

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$397 per month*. That’s all you pay for world-class social ads strategy and execution. We’ve driven $6.4MM in revenue on $2.00MM in ad spend this year, and now we’re bringing that expertise to our budget-conscious clients. Here’s what you get at the start:

  • Comprehensive social strategy - Goal mapping, audience construction, content consultation, budget planning, and projections

  • Pixel creation and installation - If you don’t know what a ‘pixel’ is, well, it’s essential for tracking the users who already showing an interest in your product or service - and ensuring they complete a purchase. Install can be a headache, but we handle that too.

  • Ad account creation - You need a specialized ad account to run your ads. We’ll set that up for you from top to bottom.

  • Campaign set up and launch - The most important part. Creating all of your ads, building out target audiences, and launching them with tracking in place to ensure we hit the users who are eager to hear - and buy - from you.

And here’s what you get each month:

  • Monthly status call - We jump on the phone with you to report back on what we’re seeing and what we’re doing to ensure your performance improves month after month.

  • Monthly reporting - You’ll get an easy to understand performance report that shows you in simple language what’s happening on your account, and you’ll understand in clear dollars and cents how much money you’re making!

  • Monthly optimizations - Ad campaigns are dynamic and changing. What works one day may not work the next. So we’ll get in there and update the campaigns to ensure maximum ROI. We never ‘set it and forget it.’

*Only clients with monthly ad budgets of $2,500 or under are eligible.